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A BIG thank you to the 2015 field day chairman, Mark N4MKA, and the planning committee, Bob W4RBR, Donna K4DCD, Rich N0FXQ, and Ron AF4GT for planning an enjoyable and successful field day!!! However as they say, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and part of the challenge of field day is making do and overcoming situations that happen. We had several opportunities to try that out. Fortunately we had a team of resilient and resourceful volunteers to help. The team convened Friday night and hung the dipole antenna between two trees, but it seemed that we would not be able to find a way to put up two more antennas. Buddy KS4XR saved the day and our 3A class by bringing his portable tower Saturday morning. Charles W4CLE made a quick trip to HRO for some last minute parts, and the group went to work setting up a beam antenna. We really should have a video of erecting the inverted dipole, but everyone was holding onto a rope, the pole, or an antenna wire. There was no one left to be the cameraman. Meanwhile, Tom N4TAW was setting up his propane generator and running cables for the emergency power. Anyone who was not on antenna duty was setting up the three radios owned by the club and the logging computers that were provided by Mike W9QO. It all came together at 2:00 PM, and WX4TC was on the air at the start of field day just before the first of several heavy rain showers. We made over 700 contacts in almost all of the US sections including Hawaii, North Dakota, and several in Canada. This year we also had a GOTA station. Tom N4TAW provided the equipment and stayed throughout field day as the control operator and mentor to several new hams and future hams. The station used his Buddipole, and he demonstrated how to reconfigure it for the different bands. No field day would be complete without food, and we had lots of that. Mark’s wife Janice brought homemade cookies, cupcakes, soft drinks, iced tea, and lots of water to keep everyone hydrated. Several other people contributed pizza, sausage biscuits, coffee, and more cookies. Thank you to all the participants: set-up and take-down teams, members who provided equipment, operators, loggers, mentors, and those who stopped by to lend support. I hope you had fun and learned something new. A special thanks to the City of Hoschton for the use of the train depot. The restoration is beautiful, and it was a great place for field day.

Thanks and 73,

Dianne KK4FCT








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