Member Awards

Congratulations to Bob W4RBR for 2014 TCARC Ham of the Year

Congratulations to Bob W4RBR for our 2014 Ham of the Year!!

Congratulations to Mike W9QO for TCARC Elmer of the Year 2014

Congratulations to Mike Gee W9QO for Elmer of the Year 2014!!

Congratulations to Diane Harris KK4FCT for her leadership in 2014 Field Day

Award Presented to Diane KK4FCT for outstanding leadership 2014 Field Day. Thank you Diane!!

Congratulations to our 2013 award recipients for going above and beyond for our club!!

Bob Richardson   W4RBR  Ham of the Year


and to

Mike Gee W9QO Elmer of the Year


Thank you very much from the Tri County ARC members

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